Young Woman Innovator Award

  1. Purpose: To encourage and recognize innovation and entrepreneurship among Young woman researchers for work done in India.
  2. Selection method: Selection is through Nomination.
  • Nominations are to be recommended by a sponsor, who should be the past presidents, fellows, executive council members of SBAOI or Head of the Institutions.
  • The deadline for nominations is September 15th every year.
  1. Criteria of selection: The nominations will be submitted based on significant contributions to the area of Biomaterials Science and Bioengineering for healthcare.
  2. Eligibility to be nominated:
  • Award is exclusively for Indian nationals, working in India.
  • Below 40 years of age as of July 1st of the year of nomination.
  • Indian National working in India in Academia, Research organization and industry.
  • The nominee should be an active scientist/engineer at the time of the award presentation
  • Established novel biomaterials/engineering/technology ideas that have a potential clinical impact on patient care, preferably with pre-clinical and clinical evidence according to regulatory requirements.
  • The nominee should be a member of the SBAOI.
  1. Applying for award
  • Nominations should be sent to, including a written statement of the nominee’s qualifications, CV, brief Description of the scientific aspects of the Innovation, brief description of the products and other credentials
  1. Selection Procedure
  • 1st level: Initial shortlisting will be done by the Selection Committee of SBAOI.
  • 2nd level: Selection Committee together with the Chairperson of the Endowment Committee and the President SBAOI will recommend the nominee for conferment of the Award.

Note: The decision of the award committee is final.

Award: Award will be conferred during the Annual SBAOI meeting.

  • The award winner will present an award lecture at the SBAOI annual conference. The award consists of a cash award, a citation certificate, and complimentary registration at SBAOI annual meeting.
  • The awardee will also be given free Conference Registration, To and Fro Air fare and Accommodation to attend the SBAOI Annual meeting. SBAOI is considering providing an appreciation grant to the winner to take the technology to next level, as per the availability of funds.