FBAO Revised Criteria

Fellow in Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (FBAO)

Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India)

Revised Criteria for nominations (Next nomination call will be notified later – Last Date will be tentatively March 31, 2027)

Nomination to the status of Fellow, Biomaterials and Artificial Organs is offered to individuals who are recognized for their outstanding contribution to biomaterials and artificial organs research, education, and service. Fellows are those whose professional accomplishments, publication record or equivalent scientific communication, recognition, awards, inventions and service that foster advancements of the biomaterials and artificial organs field and support its professional development as a practical and intellectual endeavor.

  • Nominees should have appropriate professional training (master’s /professional/research degree), competence and good performing research in the broader area of ‘biomaterials science’.
  • Nominees should have 10 or more years of continuous active membership in the society and notable contributions to the development of the society (organizing SBAOI National conferences/workshop/short courses for the biomaterials community in India).
  • Nominees should have made significant contributions to Biomaterials Science documented by sustained efforts in biomaterials research, development, education, or administration.
  • Nominees should have a continuing record of publication in refereed journals appropriate to the candidate’s contributions to the field. In particular, nominees from academia or R & D labs are expected to have published at least five papers, among others, from India, with the nominee as corresponding author/first author in some of the high impact or flagship journals, like Biomaterials, Acta Biomaterialia, ACS applied Materials & Interfaces, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering/ Controlled release/Adv. drug delivery, Adv. Functional Materials, Adv. Healthcare materials,  Carbon, J. Am. Chem. Soc., Biophysical Journal, Nature/Nature Comm./Nat. Mat. /Nat. Nanotech/Nat. Biotech./Science/Transl. Sc. Adv.
  • Nominees should have over 1000 citations and h-factor over 10. The citations are expected from work solely carried out in India.
  • Nominees should have remarkable records in developing indigenous technologies comparable to the above stated academic contributions and their successful commercialization. The equivalency of the Efforts in developing and commercializing a product vs. scientific achievement with over 1000 citations will be determined by the committee and the committee’s decision will be final
  • Nominees should have made significant contributions towards the growth of medical devices by setting up industrial bases in this country with continuing R&D efforts to achieve excellence on par with global perspective.

From now on, new Fellows are to be nominated and evaluated by existing Fellows. The number of fellows is limited to 10% of the total membership in the society. As per the IUSBSE practice, the nominations will be considered every four years. All members of SBAOI, including members from abroad can be nominated for this fellowship

General Body meeting (held at Hotel Dimova, Triavndrum on October 25, 2017) approved the above revised procedure and the guidelines. 

Nominations should consist of:

  • A nomination Letter
  • A comprehensive write up of the candidate’s accomplishments providing substantial information as to the contributions of the candidate to the field (A nomination form will be published when nominations are open).
  • A complete CV.

Next nomination last date will be March 31, 2027 – will be intimated separately.